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The Battle of Yonkers

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Battle of Yonkers Low ResBy popular demand, this is my interpretation of the Battle of Yonkers from the book World War Z. I’ve got four Military units and three Military Vehicle units behind Fortifications on the road, with six Unarmed Civilians behind them. There are two pieces of Urban terrain behind the Military units. Coming down the highway are the zombie masses. This battle takes place in Year One, so, artillery and air force strikes are welcome, but aiming and head shots are not yet. To recreate the battle, the rules are that the humans can’t retreat or reposition until after a morale check, whatever the result. In addition, the human player does not get to start with any types of Ammo Stockpiles, including one through United War Effort. The leader of the Military forces is watching via helicopter (or satellite) and cannot be killed in this battle.

I put an equal number of zombie forces as humans coming down the highway (13 total units), although advanced players should try to go up against double this number or even up to a full 30 zombie units. If the zombie player uses more than 13 units, the extra beyond the starting 13 should all be “in reserve” off the board with the restriction that they can only come in on the top edge of the board, but may come in up to 4 at a time that way. The zombie player gets one “freebie” zombie, which can pop out of either of the two urban terrain markers behind the military units. The zombie player rolls one die each turn, and the first turn they roll a 5 or 6, they may place a zombie unit in one of the urban terrain markers. As a special rule, the “freebie” zombie unit should get one full move before any Military units will notice it, and therefore fire at it.