Undead States of America

Undead States of America book coverUndead States of America is an exciting tabletop war game in which players recreate the battles and campaigns of a fictional Zombie War.

You are responsible for the refugees that follow you now. Gather your army from wherever you find pockets of resistance. Feed them, arm them, and train them for what is to come while the shambling hordes continue to gather on the horizon. Lead your troops to escape the initial outbreak, raid cities for supplies, rescue refugees, and break into military installations.

This isn’t about urban survival any more.

This is war.

The game has been specially designed for zombie and human armies created from 15mm miniatures, although it can easily be adjusted to bigger or smaller models. While it can be played as a stand-alone skirmish game, the rulebook comes with two complete campaign games built in three acts, just like a movie.

This book contains all the rules needed to fight a complete Zombie War, including human troop units, alternate zombie types, equipment, terrain and modern vehicles.You may order guerrilla tactics or take the war to the unending waves of undead.

In the end, you will find your armies of men, women and children surrounded.

Only then will find out if you’ve prepared well enough to turn the tide of battle.

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People who liked this game also liked the book World War Z and the zombie Nazi’s from the movie Død Snø. While Undead States of America is in no way affiliated with World War Z or Død Snø, it is fun to test the tactics from these sources and recreate battles like the Battle of Yonkers in the Undead States of America game system.